Prospective vision for Greater Geneva | Objectives of the Consultation

General considerations

In the face of environmental emergency, the ecological transition has become a primary collective project, which is based on a consensus including an increasing number of citizens. Cities and, in a broader sense, the urbanised Earth represent the cornerstone of this project. The Consultation has to consider the reduction of our CO2 emissions as well as that of our ecological footprint, with rigor and imagination. Its interdisciplinary nature adresses the professionals of built space transformation (town planing, landscape architecture, architecture) and of related disciplines (humanities, environmental engineering, mobility engineering, etc.) who are able to renew the tools, the methods and the devices influencing the form and the functioning of the urban realm.

The Consultation consists of what we call a «mandate of ideas», which is divided into two stages:

  • The call for projects and the selection of multidisciplnary teams;
  • A prospective research conducted in parallel by each of the teams and intended to clarify the potential of this territory under the shape of a spatial project.

The proposed perimeter for the project is that of the «Territorial Project for the Greater Geneva», which is an agglomeration project for Geneva and its surrounding cities, villages and countryside. This territory has a transnational character since it regroups the Canton of Geneva, the district of Nyon and the french municipalities included in the Metropolitan Pole of the french Genevan.