The Foundation

Created in 1987, the Braillard Architectes Foundation is a Swiss institution recognized as being of public utility. Its goal is to ensure a better cultural diffusion of architecture and urban planning of quality, in the wake of architects Braillard (Maurice, Pierre and Charles). Located at rue Saint-Léger 16, Geneva, the Foundation continues its main missions:

• the protection and enhancement of the architectural heritage, particularly the Braillard archives;

• the promotion of architecture in accordance with the objectives of the ecological transition;

• carrying out and supporting studies and research on the relationship between the built environment and the environment.

The Braillard Architectes Foundation recognizes the current challenges posed by a world in the process of transformation to the built environment, a subject open to multiple expertise, practices and professions. Among these is architecture - both art, craft and discipline. Its methods, processes, projects and achievements constitute a necessary body of work for the design of ecologically sustainable future lifestyles.

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The eco-century project ©

Learning to build, maintain and live differently in our buildings, our cities and our territories becomes a critical issue for our future on Earth.

The Braillard Architectes Foundation and its partners present the The Eco-Century Project® research and culture program: architecture, city and landscape through the lens of planetary resources.

Consultation Greater Geneva

Call for proposals

Prospective visions for Greater Geneva.
Inhabiting the City-Landscape of the 21st Century.

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The Braillard Architectes Foundation protects and showcases an exceptional heritage of 60,000 drawings, plans, sketches and objects relating to the professional activity of Maurice, Pierre and Charles Braillard in the 20th century.

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